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Get Awesome With Radar Hill Web Design

Get It All In One Stop

You can get all the website services you might need from our office, meaning that you don't have to hop between companies to take care of your design, domain, hosting, email, and marketing. Your site will be up quicker, things will be more organized, and your management team will love you.

Get It On Time & On Budget

At Radar Hill you get all the details beforehand — we make sure we know exactly what your website needs in order to provide the most accurate quote and timeframe possible. Once the details have been decided we give you regular updates on your site's progress until it's finished, making sure you get exactly what you budgeted for.

Get It No Matter Where You Are

We're located in Victoria on Vancouver Island, but our company has created websites for clients all across Canada, down the American west shore, and even in Mexico! You can conduct business with us in person on southern Vancouver Island, or via conference call, Skype, social media, and many other venues.

Get Mobile Customers On Board

With Radar Hill you get a team of professional designers and programmers who are constantly researching, learning, and working in tandem to create high quality responsive website designs that work on all tablets and mobile devices with no effort and no fuss. You'll never have to manage separate mobile and PC websites — but you'll still be able to support the 40-60% of internet users who browse on their phones.

Get Friendly Phone Support

You'll never have to talk to automated phone support or the "tech division". All phone calls and e-mails are taken by Radar Hill staff during our working hours, in order to better answer your questions and solve any problems. After hours we monitor our e-mail for emergency issues. This way you'll always have a good idea of what's going on, and can get quick answers for your team.

Get Educated

If you're in the Victoria or Duncan area you can attend regular Radar Hill workshops that cover various aspects of technology and running a website, such as social media, analytics, ecommerce, and online marketing. Free treats and coffee are provided to keep you energized while you work your way to becoming your office's internet guru. Check our blog, Facebook events, or Twitter feed for upcoming talks.

Get Free Coffee!

If you're in Victoria, all quote estimates and website planning sessions are held in our comfy office at 3301 Douglas St., just south of Uptown. We have a selection of gourmet tea and coffee for those of refined tastes, and a great top-floor view of the Victoria area (and the Olympic mountains!). You'll also get a tour of our office and a chance to meet the folks who will be working on your site.

Come drop us a line and see how we can make your business more awesome.

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