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Radar Hill Web Design is well-established and reliable, comprised of a team of talented, personable, and dedicated professionals. We work hard to make sure our website quotes are transparent, honest, and establish a fair and accurate range of cost for your project. Our web design and development teams then go on to ensure that the project is completed on budget and to your satisfaction.

Whether you're ordering your first or your fifth website with us, we always follow the same simple 7-step process to make sure you get exactly what you need.

1. The Consultation

We'll arrange a meeting with you (in person or via telephone) to discuss your goals, objectives, and strategic plans for your website. Once we have all the details on what you're looking for, we'll follow up with a formal, no-obligation written quote, so that (should you choose to work with us) you'll know exactly what you're getting for your money.

2. The Design

If you decide to go ahead and order a website with us, another meeting will be arranged with our team of creative graphic artists. They'll discuss with you the message, goals, general appearance, color scheme, layout, and imagery preferences that you have for your web design. For large organizations, non-profit groups, and societies, we use focus groups to assist in the decision making process.

3. The Proofs

Once the design details are worked out, our artists create two or three design concepts, or 'proofs', for your website based on what was discussed at the design meeting. These proofs are given to you to review, and you choose one to refine further or apply as-is.

4. Site Construction

Once a design has been chosen and finalized, we set about constructing the site itself. Your proof will be turned into a working website on an unindexed development server, so that you won't have an unfinished site showing up on Google. All of the programming and back-end structure will also be put into place, such as site administration or special add-ons. We'll stay in touch with you throughout the process and provide periodic updates on the status of the construction.

5. The Content

As construction progresses, we'll be contacting you for any writing or media content you want added to the site. We have our own in-house writers experienced with web content and SEO, and we can refer you to professional local photographers. Once all content has been added, the site will be submitted for your review and approval.

6. Completion

When content is sufficient, revisions are complete, everything is functioning correctly, and you are pleased and ready to launch your new website, it will be "made live" — that is, released to the web at large. Further changes can be made by our staff on an as-needed basis, or by yourself if you ordered a content management system.

7. Tutorials

Lastly, if you have ordered Radar Hill's Pyramid Content Management System for self-administration, you (or your staff) will be given an in-house tutorial on how to use it.



Our experience is extensive, so there are seldom any surprises during this process. We believe that our clients should expect the project to be completed as planned and the final cost should be in line with the quoted value. We also remain flexible during the construction process; additional features requested during construction are quoted separately, and invoiced separately, to avoid misunderstandings.

"Smooth sailing" is our goal with every website project. A client that is happy with the process, the results, and the billing, is a client that will refer others to us.

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