How do I set up my email stationery in Outlook Express?

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1. Right click on the files within your email attachments (one .html file and one .jpg file) and choose “save as or save all”

2. Navigate to your stationery directory within your “C:” drive. Follow step 3.

3. Choose “C:”, “program files”, “common files”, “Microsoft shared”, “Stationery” and then click “save”.

4. You now have your stationery within your proper folder.

5. Open up Outlook Express.

6. Beside the “write message” or “Create Mail” button, (looks like an envelope) there is an arrow.

7. Click on the arrow.

8. Choose “select stationery” from the drop down list – near the bottom of the list.

9. A pop up window should open up, find the file within that folder that you want to use (XXXX).

10. Select the file by clicking once on it.

11. Click “open”.

12. You now have the stationery that you need to use.

13. When you go to use the stationery again, all you need to do is click on the arrow beside the “write message” and look at the top of the list and you should see the option to use your “XXXX” stationery.

14. If you don’t find it there, then you should repeat steps 6-11.

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