Can I include more than one listing in a single Bemail?

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Multiple listings may only be included in a single Bemail if they are sequential, share a similar layout, and are being presented as a single package or open house (for example, several units in an apartment complex). Furthermore, they are subject to an additional hourly fee for any custom work required to make them fit the Bemail format.


Splitting one Bemail up between two or more listings makes it difficult to organize the information in a way the readers can understand: which price is for which listing? Does the description cover both or just one of them? Are the room details applicable to both? Which pictures are for which listing?

In addition to these problems, including more than one listing in the same order form makes it more difficult for our designers: the form is only designed to take one MLS number at a time, and including more than one means they have to go fetch the pictures and listing information by hand. This uses up both their time and yours.

It's far easier and more attractive to order a separate Bemail for each listing. Alternatively, you could create a PDF ad with both listings and send that in to be distributed as a Bemail.

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