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If this is your first time requesting a Bemail from us and you already have a website with Radar Hill, we will use your website colours and a modified version of your site header to style your Bemail.

If you do not have a website with Radar Hill, your Bemail will be created from a generic template based on the colours of your agency. If you do not include contact information or a profile picture with your first Bemail submission, they will be taken from your agency's website.

Custom banners will be accepted at no extra cost if you prefer to create your own, and may be uploaded as an additional file on the Bemail order form. Custom banners must be 600 pixels in width, and no more than 200 pixels high. They must clearly state the REALTOR's® name, agency, and e-mail address.

The layouts of Bemail templates as a whole are decided by our programmers, and are designed based on client feedback to present listing information in the most concise and efficient way possible.

We reserve the right to charge by the hour for custom Bemail design requests.


It's impossible to construct a well-coded Bemail without professional web development skills. Format and download times are optimized by our office with every email message that is sent out, a requirement that is demanded by our recipient list. In addition, we moderate the recipient list on a consistent basis to ensure only those Victoria REALTORs® who wish to receive information from their fellow REALTORs® about Victoria Real Estate are included.

If you absolutely must design your own Bemail, or if you already have an advertisement that you would prefer to use, you may attach it to the order form as a PDF file. Our designers will slice the PDF and send it out in image format.

All PDFs will be resized to an image that is 600 pixels in width.

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